Video Conference Supervision Policy

The Nevada Psychology Internship Consortium (NV-PIC) uses videoconferencing to provide weekly group supervision to all interns. This format is utilized in order to promote interaction and socialization among interns and faculty. Interns and faculty meet in a virtual conference room and interact via high-quality real-time transmission of simultaneous video and audio. Group Supervision in this format is required for all current NV-PIC interns for two hours each week, at a regularly scheduled time, as well as didactic opportunities in this format for two hours each week. Group supervision is led by a member of the NV-PIC training faculty. NV-PIC places high value on cohesion and socialization of intern cohorts, and virtual meetings via videoconferencing are an effective way to foster connection during the intervals between in-person meetings. The use of videoconference technology for supervisory experiences is consistent with NV-PIC’s model and training philosophy as NV-PIC places a strong training emphasis on access to behavioral healthcare, which often includes the use of telehealth services.

NV-PIC recognizes the importance of supervisory relationships. Group Supervision is led by a member of the core NV-PIC training faculty in order to provide interns with the opportunity to experience a breadth of supervisory relationships and supervision modalities. Given the geographical distance between training sites, this model allows the interns to form greater connection to the training faculty and licensed psychologists in Nevada than would be experienced otherwise. It is expected that the foundation for these supervisory relationships will be cultivated initially during NV-PIC’s orientation, such that interns will have formed relationships with the training faculty prior to engaging in videoconference Group Supervision. For all clinical cases discussed during Group Supervision, full professional responsibility remains with the intern’s primary supervisor, and any crises or other time-sensitive issues are reported to that supervisor immediately. Interns are provided contact information for all NV-PIC supervisors including email and phone numbers, so crises and time-sensitive information can be reported as necessary.

All NV-PIC videoconferencing occurs over a secure network using State-administered technology. Supervision sessions using this technology are never recorded, thus protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all trainees. All interns are provided with instruction regarding the use of the videoconferencing equipment at the outset of the training year. Technical difficulties that cannot be resolved on site are directed to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk.