Commitment to Diversity

Nevada is a highly diverse state with a large population of underserved individuals. NV-PIC is committed to promoting diversity in its training program, which includes an investment and commitment to recruiting and retaining psychology staff at all NV-PIC sites who represent culturally and individually diverse backgrounds. NV-PIC also is committed to recruiting and retaining interns who represent culturally and individually diverse backgrounds. Diversity is a core emphasis of the training curriculum, and it is woven into every component of the internship, which creates a supportive learning and employment environment for our interns and staff. Individuals interested in applying for psychology positions within NV-PIC’s training sites may see the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) Employment Information website for information about openings.

DPBH is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. DPBH’s mission statement is as follows: “It is the mission of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to protect, promote and improve the physical and behavioral health of the people of Nevada.” Therefore, NV-PIC interns adhere to this mission and serve the underserved. All DPBH sites are ADA compliant. For example, the buildings are wheelchair accessible, and many facilities have braille on wall plates/signs. Many forms and services are available in English and Spanish. DPBH utilizes a Language Line account with clients as needed.

NV-PIC is committed to providing access for all people with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations to applicants if notified at least 3 weeks before the interview.