For the 2025-2026 Cohort

NV-PIC will have up to 3 full-time positions at SNAMHS. Students interested in applying for the internship program should submit an online application through the APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI) website (www.appic.org). NV-PIC is listed in APPIC under our Member Number 2323.

Applicants may apply to as many sites/tracks within the consortium as they wish. Each consortium site/track has its own unique Match number, so applicants rank sites/tracks according to their preference. Match numbers for the NV-PIC sites are as follows:

Rural Clinics Mental Health- Carson City (RC):

  • Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (SNAMHS) (Inpatient Assessment & Intervention track): 2323-11
  • Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (SNAMHS) (Forensic Evaluation track): 2323-15

A complete application consists of the following materials:

  1. A completed online AAPI (APPIC’s standard application)
  2. Cover letter (part of online AAPI) stating your preferred training site(s) and why you are interested in those sites specifically. Applicants can indicate their interest in more than one site within the consortium in one cover letter.
  3. A current Curriculum Vitae (part of the online AAPI)
  4. Three standardized reference forms, at least two of which must come from individuals who have directly supervised your clinical work (part of the online AAPI). Do not submit more than 3 letters.
  5. Official transcripts of all graduate coursework from all graduate programs/schools (part of the online AAPI)
  6. REQUIRED supplementary material: Include an integrated assessment report. Please redact appropriately. If applying to Forensic Evaluation track, and you have completed a forensic evaluation during practicum, please submit as your integrated assessment report.
  7. OPTIONAL and voluntary materials: Interns who match with NV-PIC are the employees of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). It is the policy of WICHE to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified applicants. As an Affirmative Action Employer, WICHE is required to invite all applicants to complete the forms attached here. Completion of the forms is voluntary and will not subject you to any adverse treatment.  The information on these forms is confidential and will be maintained separately from your application. If you choose to do so, please download the above form and upload it with your application. Remember that completion of this form is voluntary and in no way affects the decision regarding your application for employment.

Prospective applicants may contact NV-PIC Training Director, Dr. Shera Bradley (dpbhnvpic@health.nv.gov) about the NV-PIC internship, applications, or the interview procedure.

Application Deadline and Interview Process

All application materials must be received by November 17, 2024 in order to be considered. Applicants who are invited to interview will be notified by email on or before December 15th. Interviews will be held virtually via Zoom on December 19 & 20, 2024 and January 9 & 10, 2025 (subject to change).

This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

Selection Criteria

NV-PIC requires that applicants are in good-standing and currently enrolled in a psychology doctoral program and have completed the following by the application deadline:

  1. A minimum of 400 doctoral intervention hours
  2. A minimum of 100 doctoral assessment hours
  3. A minimum of 5 integrated reports
  4. A minimum of 1 hour of individual supervision received by a licensed psychologist for every 10 practicum hours (approximately 10:1 ratio of total hours and supervision hours)
  5. Successful dissertation proposal by the application deadline

NV-PIC invites applicants who have some experience or special interest in working with undeserved or diverse populations. In addition to the requirements noted above, NV-PIC takes into consideration the potential commitment or interest of any prospective intern to remain in Nevada following internship. Developing a strong behavioral health workforce is an important consideration for the State, and an interest in remaining in Nevada to join the workforce is considered a benefit in a potential intern.

Post-Match Employment Requirements

All interns who match to NV-PIC sites must provide the following:

  1. Proof of eligibility to work in the United States. NV- PIC does not sponsor work visas.
  2. Interns must successfully pass a fingerprint-based background check. This will be administered in Las Vegas. Interns should plan to arrive at least 1 week in advance to complete pre-employment requirements. Please note: if HR has a concern about the results of a background check, employees have 30 days to explain. Many factors are considered and HR handles this on a case-by-case basis based on the state division’s policy.
  3. Interns must provide results from a 2-step or QuantiFERON gold blood tuberculosis (TB) screening test from the previous 12 -months. This can usually be done through university health clinics free of charge or at your local health district. We can complete on site, provided interns are in Las Vegas 1-2 weeks in advance.
  4. Interns are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or provide a valid exemption based on medical or religious grounds. NV-PIC will reimburse any costs associated with employment requirements.
  5. For interns working at the Rural Clinics, interns will be required to registered with the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners. Registration costs are reimbursed by NV-PIC.