Diversity and Non-Discrimination Policy

Consistent with the policies of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, the Nevada Psychology Internship Consortium strongly values diversity and believes in creating an equitable, hospitable, appreciative, safe, and inclusive learning environment for its interns. Diversity among interns and supervisors enriches the educational experience, promotes personal growth, and strengthens communities and the workplace. Every effort is made by NV-PIC to create a climate in which all staff and interns feel respected, comfortable, and in which success is possible and obtainable. NV-PIC strives to make every effort to increase awareness, dispel ignorance, and increase comfort with multicultural experiences. NV-PIC’s training program includes an expected competency in diversity training, and multiple experiences are provided throughout the year to be sure that interns are both personally supported and well-trained in this area.

NV-PIC welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. The training program believes that a diverse training environment contributes to the overall quality of the program. NV-PIC provides equal opportunity to all prospective interns and does not discriminate because of a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other factor that is not directly relevant to success as a psychology intern. Applicants are individually evaluated in terms of quality of previous training, practicum experiences, and fit with the internship. If an applicant or intern requires accommodations, he or she should contact the internship training director to initiate this process.

NV-PIC interns also are subject to and protected by the Governor’s Policy against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, which can be found here: http://hr.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/hrnvgov/Content/Sections/EEO/Discrimination/PERD42-11-GovernorsPolicySHD.pdf. Complaints regarding discrimination or harassment involving employees of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health must be referred to the Division’s Personnel Officer.