Rural Clinics - Carson City (RCCC)

Rural Clinics- Carson City (RCCC)

1 Full-Time Position, APPIC Program Code: 2323-14

General Information:

Rurals Clinics-Carson City (RCCC) Main Building

The Rural Clinics agency provides behavioral health care to underserved individuals with serious behavioral health needs located within one of the 15 rural counties in Nevada. The NV-PIC intern works out of the Carson City clinic. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and approximately 30 minutes from the Reno area, Carson City serves as the State’s capitol and is home to just over 50,000 residents. Rural Clinics-Carson City employs one full time psychologist, as well as several master’s level clinicians, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric case managers, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. RCCC often serves as a training site for practicum and interns of various disciplines.

The professional staff at RCCC provide services to clients both in person and through telehealth to clients based in more remote areas of the state. RCCC staff also provides behavioral health on-call coverage via telehealth to emergency rooms in rural hospitals throughout the state. Staff at the Carson clinic are involved in several community partnerships including Mobile Crisis, Mental Health Court, and Juvenile Justice Diversion. The clinic provides outpatient services to approximately 900 children, adolescents, and adults per year.

Internship Experience:

Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe State Pare, Near Incline Village,
Nevada (Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, Wikimedia Commons)

Interns will be full-time employees of the SNAMHS and expected to work Monday through Friday during standard  business hours; no on-call services required. The intern provides intervention and assessment services to clients in-person in Carson City and to individuals located in more rural and frontier communities throughout Nevada through telehealth. Interns provide individual, group, and family therapy, conduct initial intake assessments, and provide comprehensive psychological assessments. There is also the opportunity to conduct assessments and therapy with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The intern placed at RCCC receives in-person supervision from one primary psychologist supervisor, with opportunities to receive in-person and/or tele-supervision from other Rural Clinic psychologists. 

Interns receive training to meet the needs of a smaller community by learning to practice as a generalist working with a wide array of clients. Common presenting issues include but are not limited to: trauma, depression and anxiety, psychosis, co-occurring issues, family distress, interpersonal skill deficits, and general distress related to issues of poverty, stigma, and isolation. Interns at RCCC are expected to work with clients across the age spectrum but may be provided some flexibility to focus their caseload predominantly on adults or youth and families, if desired. Additionally, the intern may have the opportunity to receive some exposure to community-based activities such as community outreach, education, and prevention or criminal justice diversion programs.

Carson City Capitol building, Nevada ( ok-59, Wikimedia Commons)

In addition to work at RCCC, the intern placed at this site has the opportunity to work at the Rural Regional Center (RRC), a State of Nevada agency in Carson City that provides services and support to individuals with intellectual disabilities or related conditions. RRC provides an array of psychological services from eligibility assessment, individual and group counseling, skill-based instruction and psychological and behavioral consultation. Interns will have the opportunity to conduct individual psychotherapy, provide psycho educational groups, administer psychological test batteries, write psychological reports, consult with interdisciplinary teams, and attend clinical staff meetings.

Finally, interns may gain some opportunities to witness and/or participate in the state-legislative proceedings, including policy work on issues specific to psychology or behavioral health in general.

Additional descriptions and a sample schedule for the RCCC intern can be found here.

Carson City Park (Wikimedia Commons)

Site Director:

Don Campbell, Psy.D. (