Training Emphases

Required Major Training Emphases

All sites offer major training emphases in Behavioral Health Intervention, Psychological Assessment, and Consultation and Systems Collaboration.

Behavioral Health Intervention

Each consortium site provides opportunities for interns to conduct behavioral health intervention in an inpatient and/or outpatient settings. All sites provide interns the chance to work with a diverse range of underserved clients within a variety of therapeutic modalities. Individual and group therapy treatments with adult clients are most common across agencies, with opportunities to work with children and families available at some. Interns working in inpatient settings have the opportunity to provide individual brief intervention services, behavioral support intervention plans, group treatment, and individualized token economy plans. Clients served across sites range widely in age, race, ethnicity, and diagnostic presentation. 

Psychological Assessment

Interns at every site administer, interpret, and provide written synthesis of psychological test batteries. Assessments may include record reviews, clinical interviews, intellectual, achievement, personality, and/or competency-based measures. The referral questions and types of assessments differ and may include differential diagnosis, risk assessment, or malingering. Interns have opportunities to write reports and make recommendations that convey meaningful information to clients. While each site varies on the number and type of referrals, interns complete a minimum of 10 assessments throughout the course of the year.

Consultation and Systems Collaboration

Interns spend time each week in activities related to consultation and systems collaboration, learning to contribute their clinical work within an interdisciplinary team, across agencies,  and to other systems. Collaborative opportunities include working within an interdisciplinary treatment team, providing psychological consultation to other disciplines, and partnering with community social service, legal, and educational systems.​